Tabitha Fox

So, you’ve found me, Tabitha Fox, but which “me” are you looking for?

By day I am the founder of Social Brand Time and a director of a variety of social enterprises, which fulfils my passion in creating integrated marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes, and oh such an eclectic range of industries, services and products!

Marketing isn’t the only thing in my life though. It’s not the only answer I give when people ask “what do you do?”

I’m also a fine art photographer, artist (digital and abstract oils) and creator of things,  using my spare time to wander down to the end of my garden (you’ll read more about that on my blog WomanVRabbit) and create beautiful images in my studio.

I’m the inhouse staff for 2 moderately aloof cats, a rabbit, and multiple fish (there are other humans somewhere in the house that I’m apparently responsible for too).

My Saturdays are spent pottering and potting in the garden, working towards self-sufficiency by saving sad vegetable plants from nurseries and building planters from re-claimed wood handily dropped off to me by my ‘wood fairies’.

In fact, I pretty much sum up the phrase “there’s more to me than meets the eye".

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