Who is Tabitha Fox?

So, this is supposed to be the serious bit, right?  The all about me sales pitch...pick me, pick me!

But that is just not me.  Whilst I take what I do for my clients very seriously, I find it best not to take myself too seriously. The clients I work for have chosen me not just for my business and marketing skills, but for the way I deliver them and slide effortlessly into their management team.   I am hired for my bluntness, the way I can deliver difficult news and still raise a smile, for being the force to be reckoned with when driving through change.  They want the energy and drive I pitch up to the office with (quite often with something I baked) to motivate and bring passion back into their marketing.

So how did I get to where I am?

I have worked in Sales, Marketing and generally organising things all my working life; job titles have rarely meant anything or reflected the results I have delivered. The reputation of being able to “get shit done” is not a new one.

More recently I’ve spent the last 5 years moving from freelance to agency/consultancy work.  After the prerequisite life crisis that often triggers such a thing, I stuck a metaphorical stick in the ground and declared self-employment. Quite to the alarm of my family who don’t quite get what I do.  “Even the mafia have accountants” a statement from my sister after another failed attempt by me to explain that I do not have a made-up business.

Which leads nicely into another story (imagine wavy lines) -   So, Tabitha, why do you have so many letters after your name? For the glory; to tell the world how smart and professional you are; or is it just to annoy your sister who thinks you have a made-up job? I mean, it is great to be a member of the IDM and to hold an Executive Diploma in Digital Business from the ADBL, but I have to say those achievements are completely overshadowed by how annoyed my sister is by them.  And there is a truth to this, whilst I am driven by a need to learn new skills and have picked an industry that never stands still, finding out that my sibling was irritated by letters after people’s names was not something I could simply ignore.

And where exactly am I now?

Never having been one to take the easy route, after making Social Brand Time commercially successful, I decided I also needed a foot in the world of Social Enterprise. Although actually what happened was I jumped into social enterprise with both feet and no armbands, becoming a Director of 4 Not for profits which are at varying stages of existence.

I work with an incredible team of people who make me coffee, laugh, and swear in almost equal measure.

I like it though, despite the lack of sleep and the huge levels of stress (essentially, I run on caffeine), my businesses enable me to work with tiny acorns of businesses and giant oaks.

Considering my career in marketing and sales, I’m still very modest, and like to keep my feet very much on the ground. So here are what other people think of me…

Jackie Brooker – Director Dakota Blue Consulting

“Working with Tabitha is truly a pleasure. We have been very impressed with her knowledge, skills, customer service and ability to get things done to help us work more efficiently in all of our marketing activities. If you are looking for strategic and practical all round marketing support delivered in a down to earth, fun way, Social Brand Time are the people to talk to.”


Simon Chambers – New Leaf Technologies

“Tabitha was recommended to me by a colleague and I must say I am very grateful for this! As well as knowing her subject area inside out Tabitha does what she says, as well as exhibiting the traits of being honest, hardworking, clever, and adaptable. She can work at varying levels of engagement with clients and has an ability to ‘see’ the problem quickly, saving time and money. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tabitha for anyone who seriously wants to enhance their marketing strategy through practical advice and actions.”


Heather Scott – Director of Tippy Tap Ltd

“Tabitha is one of the most generous and creative people I’ve met, regularly turning up with homemade cakes, random stray cats and cheese sets. I can’t speak for her professional abilities, but she has a stunning array of letters after her name.”