Woman v Rabbit

Woman V Rabbit combines my love of self-sufficiency and the stress of owning a free-range rabbit.

Discover my garden, the planters I’ve built and the animal that frequently makes me Google rabbit stew recipes.

Gardening on a shoestring, with optional power tools, hedgehogs, and eco-friendly toothbrushes.

I designed it to grow into a helpful source of information for anyone with a bit of space to grow veggies and an interest in sustainability. The rabbit works hard to ensure that I still buy veg from the supermarket, but… one day… my crops will be consumed by the humans they’re intended for.

All my planter creations are made from repurposed and upcycled wood, delivered to me by my ‘wood fairies’, and are specifically designed to be rabbit-proof.

Greta Thunberg blog

Greta Thunberg: An exploration of character

‘When I was about eight years old, I first heard about something called climate change….I remember thinking that it was very strange that humans,…, could be capable of changing the earth’s climate. Because, if we were…, we wouldn’t be talking about anything else….But. No one talked about it. Ever….To me, that did not add up. …

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Cupboard of Good Intentions WvR

The Cupboard of Good Intentions

I’m quite impressed with myself this time around because let’s face it; this is not my first cupboard of good intentions! But this one at least has products with a long shelf life, and they look pretty awesome in these jars. They were also pretty fun to buy as I found a cute little rustic shop …

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Garden Project 3 – The up and over planter

Quite often the dimensions of a planter is dependent on the wood that we have available.  But for garden project 3 we are going to have to have a hunt for the right wood.  As you can see in the photograph we grew beans and peas in pots balanced on and around the concrete bench.  …

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Garden Project 2 – The problem spot

This spot in the garden has been ear marked over the last few years for raised beds, green houses of varying shapes and sizes, a hot tub, a tortoise enclosure, chicken enclosure, and wood stores.  It has been measured multiple times, earth flattened and raked, been used as a dumping ground for pretty much anything …

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Idiot proofing the decking – Project 1

Garden Project 1 (aka idiot proofing the decking) will be the completion of the planting on the large raised deck area at the end of the garden.  The plan is to run a narrow width planter, about 1ft in planting width, for almost the full length of the decking, 12ft of it in fact.  This …

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Wood Fairy

Well I have at least 3 that I can identify, my most active wood fairy is a veteran that I keep topped up with coffee, cake and bacon sandwiches.  In return I get knocks on the door at all times of day and evening and van loads of reclaimed wood.  Some goes on to garden …

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That first tip run of the season

That first tip run of the season

There is nothing like the first tip run of the gardening season to confirm you have achieved!  The visual impact of the garden being clearer in general as well as the actual removal of the car full of rubbish from the garden, for me at least is hugely uplifting. Although we have a huge compost …

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Alternatives to plastic toothbrushes

Alternatives to plastic toothbrushes

No, I am not suggesting rags on sticks! But an alternative to the plastic toothbrush needs to be found.  It is estimated in the USA that one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year

Eco-friendly alternatives to Washing Powder

Eco-friendly alternatives to Washing Powder

Changing my washing powder / liquid brand was actually quite a challenge to my comfort zone, my skin tends to react badly to different products, the costs to try something new and the effort involved in potentially rewashing items was definitely a consideration.  Soap nuts seemed a step too far for me… just switching to Ecover or similar products did not seem challenging enough, they also felt rather expensive.

Quick win eco-friendly shopping choices

Quick win eco-friendly shopping choices

So, as consumers we can impact on the produce on the shelves and the packaging in which it arrives in (rules and regulations aside).