Woman v Rabbit

Woman V Rabbit blog is written by Tabitha Fox and by the occasional guest blog writer. This blog combines my love of self-sufficiency, home growing and the stress of owning a free-range rabbit.  Life often gets very busy but Covid-19 has been the catalyst to get my garden growing again! 

I have been using this time in lockdown to define different areas of my garden, build new beds, grow food and be amazed at the diversity of wildlife that I am very lucky to have here.

This blog is designed to grow into a helpful source of information for anyone with a bit of space to grow veggies and an interest in sustainability.  Gardening on a shoestring, with optional power tools, hedgehogs, and eco-friendly toothbrushes. And to be quite frank, anything else that takes my fancy as I go through life. 

All my planter creations are made from repurposed and upcycled wood, delivered to me by my ‘wood fairies’

Sadly, my free-range rabbit Oliva has passed away, but her memory lives on and I will leave the original introduction of the Woman V Rabbit blog here as a memorial to her. "The rabbit works hard to ensure that I still buy veg from the supermarket, but… one day… my crops will be consumed by the humans they’re intended for"   "All my planter creations are specifically designed to be rabbit-proof."  

green technology

Green Technology and Sustainability for Businesses

The majority of small businesses don’t have Green Technology and Sustainability at the top of their priority list. While you are more worried about revenue, paying bills, hiring staff and growing, it’s not surprising that being more environmentally sustainable may seem like a luxury that is put off until later. Even if you are a …

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print less

Print less and Use Paper from Sustainable Sources

Paper is made from trees. And if we think about it, do we want more trees in the world than paper?! I think for the majority of us the answer would be more trees. So surely it makes sense for us to use less paper, print less, and if we do use paper then to …

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e-mail instead

E-mail instead of Posting Letters if possible.

Nowadays most businesses will probably send the majority of their correspondence via e-mail instead of letters. However, there are likely still some things that get sent in the post just because ‘that’s how we’ve always sent them’. Perhaps documents that are too big to e-mail, or those that need a signature on them, although both …

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Recycling plastics

Recycling Plastics and Paper at the Office

Recycling plastics and paper is something that we probably do at home without even thinking about it. We no doubt all have a plethora of recycling bins that we need to fill at home and somehow it just seems ‘easier’ to do than within our business, doesn’t it? Getting employees to put their recyclable waste …

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Eco Friendly Suppliers

Do you have eco-friendly suppliers?

As more and more businesses recognise not only the impact they are having on the environment but also the changes in buyer behaviours, there are a growing number of eco-friendly suppliers available Every business will use any number of suppliers for items ranging from stationery supplies and catering items through to furniture. As consumers look …

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Green Website Hosting

Green Website Hosting

Have you heard of Green Website Hosting? As every business knows, your website needs to be hosted. We often go with the company we’ve always known or always used, or cheapest. But if you’re at a point in your business where you would like to become more environmentally friendly, it may be worth looking at …

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Ink Cartridge Recycling

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Across the UK, it is safe to say that the vast majority of businesses have at least one printer that they use either in their offices or from home. Depending on the number of printers they have and the usage, the business will probably use many different types of ink cartridges, including inkjets, deskjets, toners …

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Copy of top 10

10 Easy Steps to Become a More Environmentally Friendly Business

Becoming a more environmentally friendly business is a natural extension of trying to become more eco-friendly in our everyday lives. As consumers, we are raising the bar in what we expect the companies we are buying from to be doing from an environmental perspective. From changing processes and products to considering packaging and supporting charities. …

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Greta Thunberg blog

Greta Thunberg: An exploration of character

‘When I was about eight years old, I first heard about something called climate change….I remember thinking that it was very strange that humans,…, could be capable of changing the earth’s climate. Because, if we were…, we wouldn’t be talking about anything else….But. No one talked about it. Ever….To me, that did not add up. …

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Cupboard of Good Intentions WvR

The Cupboard of Good Intentions

I’m quite impressed with myself this time around because let’s face it; this is not my first cupboard of good intentions! But this one at least has products with a long shelf life, and they look pretty awesome in these jars. They were also pretty fun to buy as I found a cute little rustic shop …

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