Wood Fairy


Well I have at least 3 that I can identify, my most active wood fairy is a veteran that I keep topped up with coffee, cake and bacon sandwiches.  In return I get knocks on the door at all times of day and evening and van loads of reclaimed wood.  Some goes on to garden projects, others go in the store for the log burners.

It is not always plain sailing! 3 van loads of hawthorn showed up after friend of the wood fairy moved house and cleared the garden.  Whilst it has burnt beautifully over winter, I have lost count of the amount of scratches, thorn related injuries and number of times I have cursed their name.  It is agreed that the hawthorn incident will not be repeated (or carpet grips!).

Even with the hawthorn I am always grateful for the reclaimed wood. I have two wood burning stoves, but have not had to organise a wood delivery for some time, and I have a lovely selection of garden planters, raised beds and wood stores made from the deliveries.

In addition to my main wood fairy, I have minor wood fairies in the shape of local builders who drop off unwanted packing crates and pallets, occasionally randomly other branches will be in the front garden when I return home, their origin unknown.  I’ve discovered that the quickest way to make a wood fairy jealous is to send them a picture of tree branches asking if they dropped them off.