The Cupboard of Good Intentions

Cupboard of Good Intentions WvR

I’m quite impressed with myself this time around because let’s face it; this is not my first cupboard of good intentions! But this one at least has products with a long shelf life, and they look pretty awesome in these jars. They were also pretty fun to buy as I found a cute little rustic shop and I got to measure them all out myself.  It really is the small pleasures in life that I live for.

I bought these a few months ago, and in all honesty, they are at pretty much at the same volume as they were when I started on this particular path of good intentions.  Why? Partly as I suddenly realised that I had no idea how to cook half of them, several seem to need soaking in advance, which considering that the chances of me remembering to get anything out of the freezer for dinner is about 10% on a good day, and the chance of me actually eating what I have got out reduces to about 10% of that. 

So, my path to good intentions was going to take significantly more time and effort that I had really planned on.  I can cook from scratch, I have many recipes in my repertoire, none of them seems to contain these ingredients (except for rice).

As a result, I did what any person short on time and attention span does when their good intentions try and take on a life of their own, I put them in a cupboard that I rarely go in and happily forgot about them.

But it is time to both metaphorically and actually dust them off.  Why? Over the last few years, I have become aware of how little real food knowledge I actually have. I have become rather fascinated by the topic, the conflicting information, the random fads I read about (but do not partake in).  I am also painfully aware (literally) that the food I eat / diet I follow does not suit me.  I am waiting to hear back on a hair strand test to determine what other foods groups may be me causing issues or be things I may be deficient in, everything from joint pain through to exhaustion and stomach pain. 

I have read about going green, going clean, juicing, superfoods, blood type diets, macros, sins, points and, quite frankly, I am not interested in any of them.  I want a balanced healthy diet that my body will accept and thrive on.   I am not looking to be a size 10, I just want to feel well.   Having surgery on my sinuses earlier this year was a significant step to getting my health back on track, and now I need to do the rest of the work myself.

So, I have taken a few steps, I have cut down on my sugar intake, I tried to switch to an alternative, but my body was unimpressed.   Portion sizes are being reduced, and I am trying to remember to eat at regular intervals.  All of which sounds obvious and perhaps unrelated to the cupboard of good intentions, but my cupboard of good intentions is always a manifestation of something else that is going on in my mind.