That first tip run of the season


There is nothing like the first tip run of the gardening season to confirm you have achieved!  The visual impact of the garden being clearer in general as well as the actual removal of the car full of rubbish from the garden, for me at least is hugely uplifting.

Although we have a huge compost heap and recycle everything we can, it never ceases to amaze me what accumulates in the garden.  With all the rubbish gone it feels a little like approaching a fresh canvas for painting.

The weather over the weekend was without question the best of the year so far, and the garden no longer felt like a bog under foot.  So, it was all hands-on deck to start the first big clearance of the season.  A day in our garden would be incomplete without the mandatory move around of wood for cutting and splitting and the restocking of wood stores near the house.

The structures and locations of beds in my garden over the last few years has been an ever-changing picture, but last year I put some more permanent structures and planting in place, including decking, patio extension, herb planting, raspberry and blackberry planting.  So, this year I get to fill in the gaps and move towards finishing the permanent garden plantings and structures.  Although I doubt that anyone that knows me believes that I will stop moving the garden around!

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last few years is that I need to combine tall planters (height due to Olivia!) with storage for wood underneath.  Although after last year’s deliveries from my wood fairy I have suggested that Hawthorn, whilst it burns really well, is not a friendly wood to work with!

As with all of my garden projects, they are completely dependent on what wood can be found, reclaimed and reused.  I do not buy wood for any of the projects, consequently the only theme amongst my garden planters and raised beds is that they are a) wood b) generally don’t look like each other’s.

Further blogs to come on the projects as I decided what is going where!  I tried to pull an overview of the garden off google earth, but it was sadly way to blurry to be of any use, but I promise to get some pictures!

Last year I introduced cold frames in to the gardening mix with some success, they all survived the winter well, however one has not survived the cat jumping on to it from a height!