Recycling Plastics and Paper at the Office

Recycling plastics

Recycling plastics and paper is something that we probably do at home without even thinking about it. We no doubt all have a plethora of recycling bins that we need to fill at home and somehow it just seems ‘easier’ to do than within our business, doesn’t it?

Getting employees to put their recyclable waste into the correct bins can sometimes feel like a thankless task. But maybe if your employees knew why they should be recycling, they may be more inclined to do it. Businesses should make it as easy as possible to enable recycling in the workplace

  • Provide the necessary separate containers
  • Clear instructions on what can be recycled in what bins
  • Clear and visible company ethos regarding being environmentally friendly
  • Environmental leadership from the top.

What are the reasons why we should recycle plastics? Perhaps the most important reason is to preserve natural resources, as well as reduce the amount of plastic waste that may end up in landfills or which blights our shorelines and countryside.

People may not know that plastic contains many dangerous chemicals which, when the plastic gets hot can seep out, meaning that if the plastic is in a landfill it can contaminate the land surrounding it. It also takes around 1000 years for plastic to completely degrade.

Ensuring that your business is recycling paper and reducing the amount being unnecessarily used to start with is also an important part of becoming a more environmentally friendly business. There’s plenty of good reasons why we should recycle as much paper as possible within our businesses:

  • We will save a large number of trees by recycling paper.
  • Wildlife can be saved because trees and their habitat have been saved.
  • There will be a reduction in landfill space that may be needed.

Recycled paper is cheaper for businesses to purchase and it, in turn, encourages more recycled goods to be produced.