Print less and Use Paper from Sustainable Sources

print less

Paper is made from trees. And if we think about it, do we want more trees in the world than paper?! I think for the majority of us the answer would be more trees.

So surely it makes sense for us to use less paper, print less, and if we do use paper then to ensure it is from sustainable sources? However, in an increasingly cost-aware business world, how can businesses today make sure that they are reducing their paper usage whilst not increasing their costs?

Businesses by nature often use a lot of paper – there may be many staff, all printing their e-mails, meeting papers, committee notes. But what things could your business do differently to reduce the amount of paper it uses on a day-to-day basis?

Well the simple way to start is to print less.

Don’t print those online receipts – store them in your computer files instead.

Does everyone in a meeting need a set of notes for themselves? Or could they share? Or could they perhaps use a tablet or laptop to view the notes?

Do you need to print the whole document, or could you print just the page you need?

Can you print double-sided? Look at the margins on your print preview – a smaller margin will mean you can print more on a sheet of paper.

Can that pages-long employee handbook be stored electronically and in a .pdf format, rather than needing to be printed out for every staff member?

The inevitable truth is that the majority of businesses will never be able to work completely paper-free. Therefore when you do need to use paper, it will be worth looking at where it has come from, how it’s been made and whether it is manufactured from sustainable sources.

By using paper that has been produced from a sustainable forest – or source – it means that more trees have been planted in that forest than have been cut down. As well as that, sustainable forests are cultivated to promote the wildlife that lives within it. It is important to look out for The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo on any reams of paper that your business purchases. The FSC certifies forests across the world to ensure they meet high environmental and sustainability standards, which means you can be confident that the paper you buy for your business is from a sustainable and environmentally friendly source.