Idiot proofing the decking – Project 1


Garden Project 1 (aka idiot proofing the decking) will be the completion of the planting on the large raised deck area at the end of the garden.  The plan is to run a narrow width planter, about 1ft in planting width, for almost the full length of the decking, 12ft of it in fact.  This will be mainly herb and floral planting, some succulents.  The smell of the herbs will then (hopefully) fill the air when I am sitting at that end of the garden which is a favourite writing spot when it is sunny.

As you can see from the picture the shed at the back of the decking is on its last legs and if it makes it through another winter I will be beyond surprised!  Although if I am honest, I said that about the winter we are currently in!  Sadly, I am not expecting that replacement to be a reclamation project, but never say never…

Additionally, on the decking are two planters that we built last year, they contain a selection of herbs, strawberries and some flowering plants I found in the garden centre that were faded, dry and going cheap, as they are not house plants I have managed to revive them.   If we can find wood of a similar style, a third planter will be built, to fill the empty on the edge.  If we can’t find matching wood, I imagine we will build a planter for the space anyway!  I plan to plant that with lavender to encourage bees in to the garden.

My wood fairy has his eyes and ears open for anyone removing decking as they are the sort of boards we need for the thin planters to run along the fence line.  We will build them fairly tall, partly from a rabbit protection stand point, but I want to put some cross beams between the legs and start stacking kindling under them.  We also have a small garden burner on a slate tile, so a supply of wood nearby would be handy.

But, now on to the reason as to why I am surrounding the edges of my decking with planters.  I am extremely accident prone, which when you consider the number of power saws and tools I own in addition to the axes, it is nothing short of incredible that I am a) still alive and b) still have all of my limbs.   Last year I managed to completely misjudge the edge of the decking (whilst completely sober) and ended up in a really (not) sexy heavy boot for 6 weeks.  So, after calling a friend for help to come and get me up off the lawn, she could not pick me up as she was laughing too hard, I decided some sort of perimeter security would be for the best.

Other Projects are The problem spot and The up and over planter, there will be many more, but these are the only ones I have had a chance to write a blog about!