Green Website Hosting

Green Website Hosting

Have you heard of Green Website Hosting? As every business knows, your website needs to be hosted. We often go with the company we’ve always known or always used, or cheapest. But if you’re at a point in your business where you would like to become more environmentally friendly, it may be worth looking at whether you could host your website with a company that offers Green Website Hosting.

What exactly does Green Website Hosting entail? Companies who offer such services are using a range of solutions to make this claim. They can be powered by renewable energy every minute of the day, throughout the whole year. Often these companies use data centres that are run from electricity produced across wind farms in the UK. They can be using a carbon offsetting solution.

Many companies who offer Green Hosting also often add to their environmentally friendly ways by running a paperless office for example, or by operating a tree planting scheme alongside the packages they offer to their customers, meaning that in most cases if you decided to employ their services you could be certain they back up their claims with real environmentally friendly action.

With so many businesses up and running in the UK today, each with their own website (or perhaps more than one), the process of powering these data centres that host these websites is believed to be one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions.

If you are interested in hosting your website with a company offering Green Hosting, it is worth researching the companies out there and whose environmentally friendly ethos may suit you and your business the best.

Green Website hosting is a growing area as more businesses become aware of both the ability to have it and the environmental impact data centres have on the environment. It may be that your web hosting is already green, ask the question.