Garden Project 3 – The up and over planter


Quite often the dimensions of a planter is dependent on the wood that we have available.  But for garden project 3 we are going to have to have a hunt for the right wood.  As you can see in the photograph we grew beans and peas in pots balanced on and around the concrete bench.  A significant effort was made to keep Olivia from eating from the lower pots and keeping them sufficiently watered to keep them producing was a chore and a half.

So, the plan is to build a planter to go above the concrete bench, both out of reach from Olivia and enable an easier moisture retention system.  I have some trellis that appeared in the front garden, a delivery from an unnamed wood fairy, to use instead of the netting.  The netting caused a great deal of interest amongst both mine and the neighbouring cats, hours of entertainment attacking it. Which really did not do the beans much good at all.

The planter will need to be approx. 2ft tall to the base, with another 1.5ft to the top of the planter, length is going to heading towards 6ft. A re-measure will be required, it is a very awkward space, leading through to the back gate and there is a large woodstore just out of shot.  To add to the challenge the ground is on an annoying slope!  Compared to what it was it is significantly improved, but it will still prove to be a difficult build even compared to some of the bigger projects we have planned.  Not a chance the 4 legs will end up the same length!

Whilst peas and beans will be regulars in the planters, cucumbers and mini courgette bushes would do really well in the space.