Garden Project 2 – The problem spot


This spot in the garden has been ear marked over the last few years for raised beds, green houses of varying shapes and sizes, a hot tub, a tortoise enclosure, chicken enclosure, and wood stores.  It has been measured multiple times, earth flattened and raked, been used as a dumping ground for pretty much anything and everything and, as you can see, is now being used as a place to store uncut crates and a cat sunbathing spot.

The idea of putting a greenhouse up is quite appealing, but considering I will have to rabbit and cat proof it whilst still providing access to bees, the idea is logistically unworkable. Also, the size of the originally proposed greenhouse has shrunk as the decking turned out slightly larger than originally planned.

The back-fence line has approximately 12 feet of workable space and this extends to about 14foot at the front of the space, as the raspberry patch has an angle to the raised bed.  So, I need a plan to effectively use this space to grow further vegetables.

I am toying with two squared horse shoe shapes one within each other, with a walk way between the two, or an outer horse show with a square / rectangle bed inside.  Either way it is going to take a lot of matching wood and even more earth to fill it!  Trench composting over the next few years would probably be the cheapest way to fill it, but I am not really that patience…  Creating it in sections could also be an option and rotating compost sections as the seasons roll around.  I have about ½ a tonne of compost in varying stages of readiness.   Lifting the beds on to legs would reduce the amount of earth that would be needed. So that is worth considering.

For vegetable and plant safety the beds need to be at least 2ft high from the nearest surface, so in this location the decking and neighbouring tiers of the raspberry bed needs to be taken in to consideration.  She is an annoyingly clever rabbit when she is after fruit or veg snacks, less smart when it comes to getting in her hutch to stop herself from freezing to death in the winter.