Do you have eco-friendly suppliers?

Eco Friendly Suppliers

As more and more businesses recognise not only the impact they are having on the environment but also the changes in buyer behaviours, there are a growing number of eco-friendly suppliers available

Every business will use any number of suppliers for items ranging from stationery supplies and catering items through to furniture. As consumers look to make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions, businesses are having to consider not only their own environmentally-friendly status but that of the suppliers they use in their day-to-day business.

It is typical of businesses to look to their suppliers to ensure that their own environmentally friendly standards are upheld by association. A key point to look out for when procuring items from various suppliers is evidence of their own environmental policy, which should outline the steps they take to ensure they are as eco-friendly as they can be. Do not be afraid to ask for this policy – any company who is serious about their own environmental standards should be more than willing to share information about it.

A starting point to ascertain whether your suppliers are environmentally friendly is to undertake a quick audit to identify which suppliers you use for not only your larger and more expensive items but also for things like pens, folders and other stationery.

Have a look at their website – are they displaying any affiliation with any eco-friendly schemes or organisations, such as STEM or Greenmark? Do they have a link to their environmental policy or have they pledged to take part in any schemes that will mean they become more environmentally friendly? Have a chat with any sales reps that visit your company – ask them what their company is doing to reduce its Carbon Footprint.