Woman v Rabbit

Woman V Rabbit combines my love of self-sufficiency and the stress of owning a free-range rabbit.

Discover my garden, the planters I’ve built and the animal that frequently makes me Google rabbit stew recipes.

Gardening on a shoestring, with optional power tools, hedgehogs, and eco-friendly toothbrushes.

I designed it to grow into a helpful source of information for anyone with a bit of space to grow veggies and an interest in sustainability. The rabbit works hard to ensure that I still buy veg from the supermarket, but… one day… my crops will be consumed by the humans they’re intended for.

All my planter creations are made from repurposed and upcycled wood, delivered to me by my ‘wood fairies’, and are specifically designed to be rabbit-proof.


We have a squatter! Sir Prickles our winter visitor

This is the second year running that we have had a spikey visitor! I was especially happy to realise we had a hedgehog in the shed, where we store straw and animal feed, partly because we initially thought we had a rat living in there.


The Compost Heap – The Heart of the Garden

The compost heap is the ultimate recycling machine, taking garden debris, kitchen waste, shredded paper and cardboard and turning it into the black gold that is nutrient rich compost. Fill or top up beds and pots, dig it into the borders or top dress with it. The nutrient enriched compost is returned to the earth and the garden soil is renewed.


Herbs Glorious Herbs

The list of herbs that can be grown in an English garden is as long as it is fragrant. Oregano, rosemary, lavender, sage (original green and purple), chives…

A Cold-frame growing tale

A Cold-frame growing tale

Women V Rabbit – A Cold-frame growing tale and other self-sufficiency successes (and failures!). Aside from my need to create, or perhaps as part of my need to create, I need to grow.  


Woman V Rabbit

The Woman V Rabbit blog is born from both my love of growing fruits and vegetables at home and the stress caused by the complete carnage my free-range rabbit causes in my garden.