10 Easy Steps to Become a More Environmentally Friendly Business

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Becoming a more environmentally friendly business is a natural extension of trying to become more eco-friendly in our everyday lives. As consumers, we are raising the bar in what we expect the companies we are buying from to be doing from an environmental perspective. From changing processes and products to considering packaging and supporting charities.

There is ever increasing media showing the effects of the plastics we use so regularly can have on the environment, various ecosystems and the animals living within them. There were great strides pre covid19 where the big supermarkets became more eco-friendly by employing different strategies when it comes to their business. Morrision’s has the removal of plastic bags from its fruit and veg aisles plus there was significant news coverage of the impact of the big 3 ditching the 5p single-use plastic bags. Which was fantastic. Any pledge to become more environmentally friendly from any business is always a positive step. Where we will find ourselves post Covid is yet to be understood, sadly additional news regarding disposable masks and gloves be left lying around will continue to appear.

However, when it comes to running smaller businesses, costs can become the overwhelming issue and the thought of whole scale changes are often not the most pressing concern. But taking the steps to becoming a more environmentally friendly business can be done in small incremental stages, and the following list of 10 easy steps to become a more environmentally friendly business could provide you with an easy starting point. You may not realise how many you are already doing.

  1. Ink Cartridge Recycling
  2. Print less and Use paper from sustainable sources
  3. Support your local community in eco-projects
  4. Less travel and use video conferencing
  5. Green website hosting
  6. Renewable energy sources
  7. Check the eco credentials of your suppliers
  8. Recycle plastics and paper
  9. E-Mail more and post fewer letters.
  10. Recycling computer components